La Safor

In few towns the railway spirit is lived with as much intensity as in Almoines, and without leaving the locality you can take a historical trip through three Valencian regions.

How to arrive
Per la carretera CV-680 que ix de la N-332 a Gandia. També travessa el terme municipal l’autopista AP-7 tot i que l’eixida més propera és la 61 (Oliva/Pego/Gandia).
The Major Festivals are celebrated between the last week of August and the first of September, dedicated to El Crist (the Christ), l’Eccehommo (the Eccehomo), Sant Vicent (Saint Vincent), Perpetu Socor (Perpetual Help) and La Divina Aurora (Divine Aurora).

We talked about the theme park of the Gandia-Alcoi train, and that is how they have managed to recover the magic of their route and the different locomotives to perfection.

As well as converting the old station into the railway museum, where you can discover all the secrets of this means of transport and the people who made it legend. Today, we can still enjoy the old train route thanks to la Senda verda (Green Path) that uses it.

In addition, Almoines connects us with the Western Silk Route, as a result of having been an important centre for the production of this fabric, thanks to mulberry trees, worms and the silk factory of Enrique Lombard Gaujoux created in 1848, and is part of the industrial heritage of la Safor.

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