La Safor

Since ancient times, the town of Palmera has been the place where management groups of La Safor orchard have gathered to discuss all the issues involving irrigation and the management of this resource.

How to arrive
The N-332 road crosses it completely.
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The Major Festivals take place during four days of June (usually the last weekend), dedicated to la Mare de Déu del Carme, al Crist de la Salud and la Divina Aurora, with parades, fireworks, festivals, etc.

This fact and elements like el motor de Bartolí (the engine of Bartolí), from the 19th century, make the town an essential stop on the Water Route. The most important architectural element of the town is l’Església de la Puríssima Concepció, neoclassical, of the 20th century bell tower.

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