La Safor

Alfauir is located in the middle of the Vernissa Valley and surrounded by the Sierras of Ador, Falconera and Grossa.

How to arrive
Carretera: 75 km de València, 120 km d’Alacant i 9 Km de Gandia. Accés per l’autobia CV-60, Gandia-El Morquí, eixida 32. Autobusos: companyia La Amistad (freqüència 2 viatges al dia)
Festivities: La Mare de Déu del Roser during the last week of August and the first of September. Sant Antoni's Fest is celebrated the Saturday that follows the saint's day.

El riu Vernissa (Vernissa River) divides Alfauir into two well-differentiated fractions, on one side is the urban centre and on the other shore the absolute prominence of el Monestir de Sant Jeroni de Cotalba and its natural environment.

Human vestiges can be seen already from Iberian times, but it is in the days of the Romans when, probably, a city arises attached to el Camí Real de Xàtiva, a communication route already used in the first century BC. At this point a documentary parenthesis opens up to the settlement of the Moorish farmstead and the construction of el Castell de Palma, dependent on el Castell de Bairén.

A century after the Christian conquest by Jaume I will be when the monastery of Sant Jeroni de Cotalba was founded in 1388. This building, now privately owned but open to the public, is the main tourist and cultural attraction of Alfauir.

Demonym: Alfauireña, alfauireño

Natural Resources:

  • Pla del Castell
  • Pinar del Convent
  • Vall de Vernissa
  • Riu Vernissa
  • Font del pintat
  • Font dels polls
  • Pinada del Monestir de Sant Jeroni de Cotalba