La Safor

The largest municipality in the Vall del Vernissa combines perfectly its natural heritage with the cultural one. A clear example of this is the route of the PR-CV 100, a low difficulty and short path, which it passes through the springs of the el Castell, el Barranc Blanc, el Llibrell and Les Galeries, as well as la Penya Roja, until the remains of the Castle Borró, 10th century.

How to arrive
On the CV-60 road (Albaida-Gandia).
The last weekend of February el Porrat de Sant Macià takes place. The major festivals are celebrated between the 8th and the 11th September in honour of la Mare de Déu de la Salut, la Divina Aurora, el Crist de la Fe and Sant Bertomeu apòstol, patron of the town.

Among the most outstanding architectural elements are el Palau dels Comtes de Ròtova, l’Aqueducte del Monestir de Sant Jeroni, l’Església and one of the best preserved Riuraus in the region.

The last weekend in February, la Ruta dels Porrats makes stop at the town to commemorate Sant Macià. In addition, the festive activity is completed with the Moors and Christians, the first weekend of August, and the festivals, on the first Thursday of September. All of them are a perfect excuse for eating coques de dacsa ( corncakes), a typical dish of their cuisine.

Gentilici: Rotovina, rotovino

Tourism Office – Rótova: Plaça Major, 7. [email protected]

Natural resources: 

  • Barranc de les Galeries
  • Barranc Blanc
  • Barranc del Garrofer
  • Barranc dels Garcia
  • Cova del Forat de l’Aire Calent
  • Cova de les Rates Penades
  • Penya Roja
  • Vall de Vernissa
  • Font de les Galeries
  • Font dels Llibrells
  • Castell de Borró