La Safor

The visitor at a glance will be able to discover two different realities in the streets of the centre of Rafelcofer: on one hand, the visitor will appreciate the Modernist façades and the Ecliptic style in el Carrer Major, richly decorated, and on the other hand the visitor will see the houses of farmers, with large doors to allow the entrance of carts, with a much more sober style.

How to arrive
It stands in the middle of two important communication roads; the N332 and the AP7 Tarragona - San Juan de Alicante motorway, from which we will take the exit to Oliva.
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Sant Dídac is celebrated on the third weekend of August. The first week of July the cultural week takes place, which precedes the local celebrations that are celebrated the second week of July, from Tuesday to Saturday. The Parade of Moors and Christians is also worthy of mention.

The town offers different routes, such as the natural-archeology, which makes a stop at the Rafelcofer Museum, where we find remains of the Iberian, Arab, Roman and Christian periods. And it will continue to el Rabat and the mountain of Sant Miquel, where the archaeological remains blend in the natural setting.

Rafelcofer offers a Water Route with a tour through various dykes. Built in 1849, of Islamic origin and located at both ends of the town along with the different mills de Bas, the one of Sant Miquel, the one of de Fayos and the one of de l’Alcudiola, they help us to understand better the presence of the water in the region.

Gentilici: coferera, coferer

Natural resources:

  • Muntanya del Rabat