La Safor

The second city by number of inhabitants of la Safor conserves one of the most beautiful historical centres of the region. Throughout its steep streets in el raval, we can still feel the breath of the Moorish, while in the Christian neighborhood we find palaces and stately homes, with broader streets and squares.

How to arrive
The AP-7 Motorway (Exit 61) connects Oliva to Valencia and Alacant and the N-332 connects it with all the coastal towns.
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The most important festivals are Moors and Christians in the second fortnight of July, declared as Festival of Autonomous Tourist Interest. But also from the 15th to the 19th March les Falles (las Fallas) are celebrated, and la Setmana Santa (Easter Week) that varies its dates from one year to another.

Among the most important architectural elements are the l’Església de Santa Maria la Major, l’Església de Sant Roc, la casa Abadia (Mudejar style), l’Enginy (old sugar mill), the remains of el Castell de Santa Anna, la Torre de la Muralla, la Torrassa del Palau dels Centelles, el Portal de Sant Vicent or la Casa de Gregori Mayans.

But to speak of Oliva, is to speak of nature; the natural place of the marsh or la Font Salada are clear examples. We also talk about nature mentioning its beaches, which have managed to keep the dunes, with their fauna and flora, with all kinds of tourist services and uses.

In addition, Oliva beach is renowned for practicing sports, with nearby golf courses, campsites and a great deal of experiences for tourists. Without forgetting Moors and Christians parties, or Holy Week and Fallas, which fill the city with cultural attractions all year round.

Gentilici: Olivense

Tourism Office – Oliva:  Passeig Lluís Vives s/n. [email protected]

Natural resources:

  • Serra Gallinera
  • Cavall Bernat
  • Pla del Carritxar
  • Platja de Terranova
  • Platja de Burguera
  • Platja del Pau-Pi
  • Platja de l’Aigua Blanca
  • Platja de l’Aigua Morta
  • Platja dels Gorgs
  • Platja de les Devesses
  • Riu Raconsmolinell
  • Riu d’Alfadalí
  • Riu Gallinera
  • Riu Bullent o Vedat
  • Marjal Oliva-Pego (el pla)
  • El Calapatar
  • Font salada
  • El Rejolar d’Oliva
  • L’Olivera
  • El panorama
  • Entorn Castell del Rebollet