La Safor

The story of Llocnou de Sant Jeroni is linked to that of el Monestir de Sant Jeroni. For centuries the monks have been the ones who managed the design of the place.

How to arrive
Through the CV-60 road.
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The Patron Festivals are held from 13th to 16th August, in honour of the town's patron Sant Roc.

One of the most characteristic places is la Granja, an ancient place of leisure and administration of the friars. Its main tourist charm is the location, located in la Vall del Vernissa, and crossed by the mountains of Marxuquera and Ador, offering numerous forests such as la Cuta and l’Ombria, and many springs.

The main route we can take is the called “del Vernissa a la Cuta” (from Vernissa to la Cuta), PR-CV 400. It has an average duration of four hours and forty minutes.

Gentilici: Llocnovina, llocnovino

Natural resources:

  • Serra d’Ador o Serra de la Cuta
  • Muntanya de la Cuta
  • Barranc de la Cuta
  • Tossal del Morquí
  • Vall de Vernissa
  • Font de la Costera
  • Font del Frare