La Safor

Over the years the capital of la Safor has become of the main tourist destinations in our country. It can triple its inhabitants in high season, in summer.

How to arrive
Through the north and south, from Valencia or Alicante, take the national highway 332 or the AP-7 toll motorway, exit 60. From the centre of the peninsula: from Madrid, along the A-3 motorway, then heading for Alicante by the N-332 or the AP-7 toll motorway. From Almansa (Albacete), along the A-7, CV-60 and CV-40, going in direction to Gandia. By train: From Valencia, trains leave every 30 minutes on working days and every 60 minutes on holidays. By boat: Ferri with Ibiza (Transmediterranea)
The Patron Festivals are the last week of September or the first of October, "la Fira i Festes". In addition, important celebrations are les Falles (las Fallas) and la Setmana Santa (Easter Week).

This town offers enough attractions to be visited throughout the year. Gandia has the Ducal Palace, seat of the territorial power of the Borja family in our region; guided tours can be done through the different rooms. The city has museums such as MAGa, Museu Arqueològic (Archaeological Museum), or el Museu Faller and exhibition halls such as la Coll Alas and la Casa de la Cultura. It also has theaters like Serrano or El Raval. The traveler can go through different ecotourism routes, both in the mountains, in the marshes or in the virgin beach: l’Auir.

In addition, the traveler can be involved in the interpretation centres such as Parpalló Borrell and the humid zones, next to l’Alqueria de Duc, the ancient fortified castle nowadays converted into a Tourism Centre (CdT) of la Generalitat Valenciana. The different beaches of the city have all the imaginable services, as well as a great recreational and cultural activity, concentrated mainly in the summer.

Animal lovers have an area where they can spend a day at the beach with their pets. One of the essential appointments in the Ducal City is la Fira i Festes, held on the 3rd of October, in honour of Francesc de Borja. Different markets, theatrical and musical spectacles fill the streets. In addition to les Falles and Setmana Santa.

Gentilici: Gandiense

Natural resources:

  • Massís del Mondúver
  • Barranc de Lloret
  • Barranc de Borrell
  • Cova del Retoret
  • Cova de la Recambra
  • Cova Xurra
  • Cova del Barranc del Llop
  • Cova del Porc
  • Cova Penjada
  • Cova del Parpalló
  • Cova Oberta
  • Cova Negra
  • Cova de les Meravelles
  • Pla de Marxuquera
  • Vall de Marxuquera
  • Platja de l’Ahuir
  • Platja de Gandia
  • Platja de Venecia
  • Marenys de Rafalcaid
  • Platja dels Pedregars
  • Riu Serpis
  • Marjal de la Safor
  • Serra Grossa/Serra de Marxuquera
  • Els Oms (En Els Marenys)
  • El Magnoli (Alqueria la Borda)
  • Barranc del Molló de la Falconera
  • Pla Xiquet Ermita de Sant Antoni
  • Pic de la Falconera
  • Castell de Bairén
  • Bosc Ermita de Santa Anna
  • Penya Roja
  • Forat de l’Aire