La Safor

Barx, and its hamlet La Drova, are mostly nature. Many routes get trough or depart from the town, in addition, it is a reference regarding caving practice in its caves and chasms.

How to arrive
S’accedeix per la comarcal CV-675 des de Simat després de superar un estret i espectacular port de muntanya, o bé des de Gandia.
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The major festivals are celebrated the third week of August, in honour of la Divina Pastora and Sant Miquel, with religious acts, festive celebrations, festivals, release of heifers, etc. Festival of Sant Antoni is celebrated on January 17th and La Puríssima's on December 8th.

Village of steep streets and surrounded by mountains. It is the smallest of the Valldigna Valley and has been closely linked to el Monestir de Santa María (Monastery of Santa María), which is located in Simat.

The monks administered the population since the expulsion of the Moorish, and under its dominion the first urban centre “la Plaça” was created, which only had one access to be able to close at night and protect the inhabitants from the wolves.

Still la Nevera (the Fridge) is conserved, where the snow of the winter was kept to be able to have ice in summer

Gentilici: barxera, barxer

Natural Resources:

  • Massís d’Aldaia
  • Massís del Mondúver
  • Barranc de Manesa
  • Rierol o Barranc de La Drova
  • Cova de les Malladetes
  • Cova del Suro
  • Alt de Picaio
  • Penya Penyalba
  • Avenc de la Donzella
  • Avenc Aldaia
  • Avenc Pilar
  • Avenc de les Violetes
  • Pla de La Drova
  • Pla dels Suros
  • Pla dels Avencs
  • Vall de Valldigna
  • Font de l’Om
  • Font de la Puigmola
  • Font del Molí
  • Poljé de Barx
  • La Carrasca (paratge de la donzella)
  • L’ombría de Picaio
  • Mirador de la Visteta