La Safor
Water, engine of la Safor Water canalisation
Riu Serpis, Vilallonga

Water, engine of la Safor

Throughout history, water has always been a key element in the development of the region. Undoubtedly, agriculture and fishing have been the most prominent until recently. But the potential to produce wealth is not restricted to irrigated agriculture or fishing. As an energy source, it has allowed to move flour mills, technologies for grinding sugar and turbines to the light manufacturers.

All this would not have been possible without the domestication of water by the various human societies that have occupied this territory.

Canalització de l’aigua - la Safor

Water canalisation

Broadly speaking, this task has consisted in the conservation and canalisation of water through weirs and irrigation ditches that led it from the various river courses of the region (el Serpis, el Vernissa and el Vaca) to the farmlands. It has also consisted of desiccation of the marshes along the entire coastal strip of the region. The domestication of these waters has been a process that has been achieved for centuries, from the Muslim era to the present day.


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